I am currently in the process of information gathering.  I’m really trying to look into all sorts of other religions, present and historical, just to sort of see “what’s been going on,” if you know what I mean.  I’m not sure what calls to me, or if, in fact, I even need a label.  Right now I’m veering toward Paganism, in the broad definition of any of the Earth-based religions (though, interestingly enough, if you enter the search term ‘define: paganism’ into Google, you stumble across a wealth of borderline offensive terminology).

I’m doing a lot of book reading and supplementing it with reading websites, browsing forums and watching (sometimes, I admit, ridiculous) youtube videos.  So far I’ve read Scott Cunningham’s Wicca:  A Guide to the Solitary Practitioner, which I felt was a good little overview of Wicca, though I felt at times Cunningham waxed a bit too romantic.  However, I appreciated the simplicity of how the ideas were presented.  I’ve just started Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin, and also have a copy of Wicca:  A Year and a Day, to see the sort of ‘faith exercises’ that are in there, and maybe try one or two, just to see how it feels.

Things, I feel, might get a bit more complicated for me since today my boyfriend is moving in with me.  I currently live in a tiny apartment in Asia, and it will be his first time leaving the US ever, so I imagine between culture shock and our limited living space he will stick to me like starch on rice.  So, the reading will still commence, but any further delving into this area might be left on the back burner for a few months.  Not that I’m ashamed that I’m looking into a new spiritual path for myself; I’m just not sure he’d really understand, and I’d rather wait until I felt confident that I have a particular path before I make an issue of it.  Does that make sense?

Anyway, if anyone happens to magically stumble across this and can recommend some research materials into paganism/wiccan/witchcraft/etc, please feel free to leave a comment.