In some of the books I’ve read, it talks about how people chose/were chosen by their patron gods/goddesses, how they decided to embark on a particular path, etc, and there’s a lot of mention of “signs.”  For example, in the Thea Sabin book (which I actually think I read before, maybe in high school) she mentions a person she knew who felt as if they were being stalked by owls (on television, ads, etc.), so that person went out and researched owl deities because they took the owls as a “sign.”

Yesterday evening I was taking the bus home.  I looked out the window and saw the moon.  But it looked funny.  On either side of the moon were transparent semi-circles, as if it had sprouted gossamer butterfly wings.  It was quite beautiful, and I was quite surprised.  At first I thought it must be some sort of refraction or haze because of the clouds; as the bus ride continued, however, I realized there must be some sort of coating or something on the glass of the bus windows that, at certain angles, caused the said phenomenon.

So, even though there was a physical root cause, per se, does that mean it wasn’t a sign?  Did I only notice it because I’ve been reading so much about these sorts of things lately?  Or was I supposed to see it?  Is the difference between a true believer and a nonbeliever how they read the signs, and whether or not they accept that things can be signs as opposed to just meaningless coincidence?

I think reading just makes me more confused.