How does one establish what their beliefs are?  Must they be taken from dogma or knowledge which has been told to one through outside means, or is it just a collection of ideas which feels right to one’s personal self?  Does one realize their beliefs and find a faith that conforms to them, or does one find a faith and, within that faith, find their beliefs?

I’ve been doing a lot of “belief-adjusting” lately.  I’ve never believed in any sort of traditional Christian god as it was presented to me in the past, and as such for a while I just settled for being a staunch atheist.  However, it’s becoming harder and harder for me to deny that I do feel that there is something, whatever it may be, out there.  You know what I mean?  So for the first time in my life I’ve sat down and instead of thinking about what I don’t believe, tried to pin down a general notion of what I do believe.

I believe there is one main unifying universal force in the world.  This force encompasses all of life and death, all of light and dark, etc.  It is neither masculine nor feminine but both.  The gods and goddesses are the manifestations of different aspects of this force.  When one wants to commune with specific aspects of this force, they can do it through the channel of a god/goddess.

I believe with practice and intention one can learn how to affect the energy of this force and use it to help them achieve goals within their lives.  I believe things on Earth and the Earth itself have within them their own store of this energy or force, and by doing certain things one can influence those energies to achieve one’s goals.  However, I also believe that despite one doing something to the best of their abilities, there may be outside factors we do or do not know about that prevent us from accomplishing some tasks.  That’s not necessarily to say I believe in predestination; but I believe that we have no way of knowing whether we will or will not succeed at something unless we give it our best shot, and if we fail it is not necessarily because we weren’t worthy or we were “doing it wrong” (but, depending on the situation, that may very well be the case).  So, we might as well put forth our best efforts.

These are just some ideas I’ve been working on.  Thoughts?