We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather this year (so the locals tell me).  Up until last week it was still reaching into the 70s.  My fiance and I wanted to get out of the house and go experience some nature, so Sunday we went hiking Geumosan.  Many of the trees had already turned, but there were a few closer to the base of the mountain that were still flushed with fall colors.

It was beautiful, but it was a little hard to appreciate with all the people around.  I’m a very private sort of person and a bit of an introvert, so often I find the sheer amount of people in S. Korea — EVERYWHERE in S. Korea, to be a bit overwhelming.  We visited one of the temples and also a beautiful Buddhist shrine built into a cave in the mountainside.

Korea has an interesting religious makeup — almost half the population professes no religious affiliation whatsoever.  A little over a 1/4 claim Christianity in various forms (mainly Protestantism or Roman Catholicism), a little over 1/5 of people are Buddhist, and the rest belong to minor traditional religions like Shintoism or are Jehovah’s Witnesses or Islamic.