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I feel like I’m starting to get paranoid that the universe is reading my mind.

It’s in the tiny little things.  For instance, I go to work everyday in a carpool.  Nearly every day my carpool is very late.  Yesterday it was really cold outside, and I thought to myself “Man it would be awesome if they went ahead and got here right now.”  I turned around, and sure enough they were pulling up to the curb right behind me.

Last week all I managed to grab for breakfast was a tangerine.  I was really hungry and not sure how I was going to make it to lunch.  Then the part-time PE teacher (a friend) showed up with fruit and kimbap (kinda like the Korean version of sushi rolls, but with no raw fish) and plopped some down on my desk for me.

There’s a lot more, but those are two that have happened recently.  I don’t know when I started noticing these things, but now that I have, it seems like this sort of thing happens all the time.  It’s interesting to note, however, that they only happen when things are in my best interest.  For example, yesterday I was dreading teaching and was hoping something would happen to cancel my classes (to give you some perspective, I’m an EFL teaching in South Korea; my schedule is changing constantly, often at the last minute, and I have more than once walked in to empty classrooms to find all my students missing because of school pictures or something).  Nothing happened to prevent my having the full 5 classes, but they all went well, and I ended up feeling better for having taught.

I think it’s funny.  I almost feel as if the universe/powers/god(s)&goddess(es) are treating me like a wild animal they are trying to tame; they stretch out their hands and patiently wait for me to trust enough to accept the nut they offer.  I take it and run away again and convince myself it was just a fluke, but they they come back and the same process starts over again until I can come without suspicion, doubt, fear, or even the need for the nut.

And yes, I just compared myself to a squirrel.