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I just want to quickly share with you this article about Korean Shamanism.  Korean Shamanism is a tradition that stems waaay back to before Buddhism was introduced to Korea.  Some speculate the traditions are at least 40,000 years old (holy. crap.).  The practice aims to solve human problems by involving the spirits.

A few years ago the New York Times posted an article about the resurgence of Shamanism in modern Korea.  The article gives a little insight into indigenous Korean practices and how they’ve survived because they’ve adapted and evolved to include other practices over the years. This reminds me a lot of religions that have traversed from old world to new and traditions that borrow saints from one practice and converge them with spirits from another.  It adds a whole new level to the idea of separate-but-the-same.

Anyway, I think the article is really interesting, and I think a lot of the practices described are similar to some of the eclectic pagan paths I’ve been reading about.  I really enjoyed reading it.