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I went to Malaysia for a week and a half in January.  When I was in Georgetown I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Old Protestant Cemetery.  I thought I’d share some pictures.


If ever there was a graveyard in need of tending, this is it.  A lot of the tombs were sort of haphazardly thrown together.  It looked like there was a specific layout to the original cemetery, but as bodies needed to be buried they were put anywhere they could fit.


They appeared to belong mainly to Europeans who came over as doctors and missionaries.  Most of them seemed to have died young.


My heart went out to this poor woman.  Dead before you’re thirty, and three children in the ground before you.  Due to the climate, illness was not an uncommon cause of death.

 It was a surprisingly peaceful place, and it had an energy all its own, which I think would have made it pleasant for future visits had I spent more time in Georgetown.  However, because of the closeness of the tombs, it also appeared to be a camp for some homeless people.  I wonder if I would ever have the spiritual strength to rest with the dead?  I’m working on accepting it as a natural and indispensable part of life, but death and its accoutrements, while fascinating, still gives me the shivers.